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Teaching Little Ones How to Read Music

Join Baby Bird on her first flight from the nest! Daddy bird is going to show her how the songs they sing can spell the words of the things they see. This children's book is designed to give kids an introduction to understanding reading music in a way that's similar to an ABC book, with simple words, cute characters and colorful illustrations. May music always bring you joy!

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Singing Praise

"This book has a cute story, wonderful illustrations and teaches children on a basic level how to read music. This book is clever and fun!"
"We bought this book to enjoy with our two toddler-aged daughters. They're too young to read music for now but this book will be a sweet way to introduce them to the basics when the time comes. The story is a delightful little adventure and the illustrations are gorgeous. Kids will love seeing how the things Baby Bird sees can be turned into a song. The illustrations feature familiar and fun topics for even the youngest kids (the farm, animals, etc.) so it will grow right along with them. I highly recommend this book for any young music lovers out there!"



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