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Our Story

Art & Word Collaborative shares inspiration and entertainment in the form of books, animations, music and merchandise. 


Art & Word Collaborative was established with a firm foundation in production experience. Founders Kate Triantafelow (Art) and Melissa Barber (Word) continue to have successful (and award-winning) careers in design, production and entertainment. Together and independently, the two have designed graphics, produced videos and events and created  augmented reality apps for a range of clients and employers including creative agencies, game developers, museums, event planners, Fortune 500 companies, medical organizations and universities.

Our team has a collective vision to combine our love of (and vast experience in) music, theater, creative writing, animation and illustration into encouraging stories and inspirational reflections. Our hope is to provide children and adults with inspirational messaging through books, videos, and digital media and that our characters and stories will become a permanent part of their lives.

Image by Tom Hermans

What We Are About


We educate and inspire through the medium of storytelling. Vivid imagery brings characters and their  environments to life for our readers and viewers as the story not only entertains them but also teaches them important life lessons along the way.


Drawing upon the experience of our lead writer as guest speaker, retreat leader and inspirational singer - we craft reflections that can console and motivate our adult readers. Our lead designer then layers in photography and illustration to bring about peace and tranquility for the reader.


We have show business in our blood and we love to put on shows. Through a variety of mediums we are able to entertain audiences of all ages. We look forward to the adventures of our characters as told through story books, video animations, augmented reality and tactile toys. 

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